"HYDRO" Deep Drawing Presses

“HYDRO" Counter Drawing or Reverse Drawing Presses

Counter drawing presses  or Reverse Drawing Presses is an innovative concept. It is an energy saving & cost effective, high production & highly suitable for long draw depth components i.e. Geyser body etc. As shown below, the top die is attached to the slide. The lower die is mounted on the press bed with the blank holder. The punch is located in an opening in the center of the press bed on the draw cushion cylinder.

In this operation, once again, a single – Action press with a draw cushion is used. Pushing deformation, the blank holding force is transferred via the slide from above & the draw punch force acts from below through the active draw cushion. The punch forms the post by means of the  upward movement of the Counter drawing presses  or Reverse Drawing Presses while the blank holder rests on the die.

 The active Counter drawing presses combines the advantages of static blank holding & the low power usage of double action dies with the advantage of a single – Action die. Admittedly, it is necessary to have a special modification of the dies for performing this operation, since the forces operate in the opposite direction to those of a normal single action deep drawing press with draw cushion. Thus, these dies cannot be installed in a normal single – Action press.