Vacuum Moulding Presses

Vacuum Lamination Moulding Press

There are basically two types of Vacuum Moulding press - Vacuum Lamination Moulding Press and Vacuum Compression Moulding Press. Among the two, Vacuum Lamination Moulding Press is constructed with accurate temperature control and optimum platen cooling system.

There are certain reasons of using vacuum mouldings in industrial applications. Vacuum molding minimizes the inclusion of trapped air or gases that cause defective parts. Many product manufacturers use mold designs with vacuum seals and vacuum channels to remove the air and gas. Vacuum laminating processes is effectively used in large scale production in order to bring efficiency and quality in the end products.

Vacuum Laminating Moulding press is often termed as ideal for molding applications where faster production & high quality is essential. The specially designed vacuum chamber of the machine pays off in the terms of higher quality and reduced scrap parts. Surrounding the work piece with a vacuum removes heated gases and trapped air frame the part, eliminating the defects. Self-contained hydraulic system features on efficient load sensing, pressure compensated pump, hydraulic oil reservoir with sight gauge, thermometer and a clean-out door.

Vacuum Laminating Moulding press can be custom made as per the customer’s demand to meet the necessity of various kind of production procedure.