"HYDRO" Deep Drawing Presses

"HYDRO”Double Action Deep Drawing Presses with Blank Holders

In Double Action Deep Drawing Power Press the press has two slides acting from top - the drawing slide with the draw punch & the blank holder slide with the blank holders as shown below-

The Blank holding slide transfers the blank holding force via the blank holder onto the blank & the draw die. The die & the ejector are located in the lower die on the press bed. During forming, the blank holder brings the sheet metal into contact against the die, the punch descends from above into the die & shapes the part while the sheet metal can flow without any wrinkling out of the blank holding area. In this case, the drawing process is carried out with a fixed blank holder & moving punch. In Deep Drawing Double Action Press operations, the drawing slide can only apply a pressing force.

This Deep Drawing Double Action Hydraulic Press is also available in both pillars type & frame design. Custom built presses with features as per requirement of customer / applications can be designed & manufactured.