Transfer & Injection Molding Presses

Transfer Molding Press

Transfer Moulding Presses have several usages in many industrial applications. Transfer Moulding Presses are typically used for the large scale manufacturing of rubber parts & DMC/ urea or switch gears or electrical parts. These presses are hydraulically operated to provide excellent dimensional stability and finish for the pressed components. Transfer Moulding Press is well versed with advanced features such as touch type panel screen, sliding and ejector arrangement.

Across the world you can find several manufacturers, who develop Transfer Moulding presses to suit people’s need. More than often manufacturer’s tailor the Transfer Moulding Press as per the customer’s convenience. There are several kinds of Transfer Moulding press available in the market. The three basic types of Transfer Moulding presses are - Transfer Moulding Presses for DMC / Urea, Transfer Moulding Presses for Rubber Parts and Compression Molding Press with Bottom side Transfer Moulding arrangements for Switch Gears & other electrical parts.

Over internet you can find many manufacturers who can offer you several services of Transfer Moulding press to help you with your production procedure.