Transfer & Injection Molding Presses

Rubber Injection Molding Presses

Rubber Injection Moulding Press or commonly known as Injection Moulding press are of great use to execute industrial production of bulk products. These presses are manufactured with superior injection unit FIFO, keeping in mind the quality of the end products. These innovative machines employ two-stage material supply for greater precision. The system feeds and inject raw material in a way that there is no wastage. Rubber Injection Moulding presses is perfectly suitable for moulding products with simple to the most complex geometry.

The Rubber Injection Moulding Press process combines an extruder, which heats and fluxes the rubber with the help of reservoir & mould. While the rubber mold is curing, fresh rubber is prepared for the next cycle. This semi-automatic process saves the valuable time and energy. The compounds used for injection moulding are optimized. They smoothly flow through the nozzle & runner system and fill the mould under controlled pressure. The materials to be injected do not cure in the process, but curing is quick once it enters the mould.

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