"HYDRO" Deep Drawing Presses

Large Platens Hydraulic Presses

Large Platen Hydraulic Press is of immense usage in various industrial productions in order to bring out the best quality of rubber, plastic, Bakelite, Brake lining Ply boards, Particle Boards, Thermosetting Compounds, Roof linings and also some other composite materials molded products and sheet metal parts. Large Platen Hydraulic Press is also used in composite material moldings such as FRP, DMC, SMC and Phenolic-Resin to name a few. It also finds application in Conveyor belts, tread rubber, deep drawing and pressing too.

There are several manufacturers across the globe that specializes in manufacturing Large Platen Hydraulic Press. You can get several manufacturers where you can customize your platen hydraulic press as per your convenience with innovative designs and cutting edge technology. The press is also used to manufacture products of flat structures and encompasses a variety of custom configuration parameters, to meet client's specific requirement.

A general Large Platen Hydraulic Press have configuration up to 16'X12' (Feets). It guarantees capacity of about 50,000 KN (5000 Tons) and comes with Touch screen Panel, Computer controlled Panel, PLC /Relay type and a few more. Various kinds of Large Platen Hydraulic Press are available in the market such as Single Action (Pressing), Double Action & Triple Action, and Double Action with Blank Holders or Bottom Cushioning arrangement. You can choose these platens as per your wish and requirement.