Scrap Balers / Scrap Baling Presses

Triple Compression Scrap Baling Presses/Balers – Horizontal Type

Triple compression Scrap baling Presses, balers are used for reducing three dimensions of the scrap material by using hydraulic force from three different angles. The two horizontal cylinders of the Triple compression Scrap baling Presses are arranged at right angles to each other. Vertical reduction generally takes place by hydraulic pressure on the lid cylinder. One of the horizontal cylinders presses the scrap against the ejection door of the baler. This door is raised hydraulically after baling is complete. The bundle is then removed from the chamber by horizontal cylinder.

With Small balers, metal may be fed into the press box or chamber manually or by means of a loading hopper – A fairly large bin on the side or front of the boiler. The advantage of hopper is that they can be filled during the baling cycle, which may take a minute or more. The hopper also adds to safety of the operator as manual filing involves greater risk.

Triple compression Scrap baling Presses have several usages in the industrial production to bring out the best in terms of quality, and precision. Even you can have your own customized triple compression scrap balers from the manufacturers to suit your needs.