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Briquetters Briquet Press

Briquetting is a process which helps in converting waste gathered from industries, agriculture, forestry etc., into solid fuel which is then further used in many manufacturing facilities like boilers, kilns and furnaces. Due to this conversion, many industries have been successful in saving the conventional fuel which has been quite economical and on the other hand proven to be beneficial in saving the environment. There are several kinds of Briquettes Press Machines which has a key role to play in order to save the environment to a great deal.

Jumbo – 90 Briquetting Press - This briquetting machine model is suitable when the high volume weighing around 1500 kg. Raw material is to be converted in to briquettes. Made from high quality parts, it is durable and requires low maintenance cost. This briquetting machine is considered as the most energy efficient amongst all the briquetting systems provided by us.

Super 70 – Briquetting Plant - This briquetting machine is made from superior quality parts and can convert 750 kg. It is just perfect for the industries requiring medium production briquettes as it is energy efficient, durable and robust in design.

Flash-Air Dryer - The Flash-Air dryer is an equipment which is used in the process of briquetting when the raw material is moist. It can dry the moist raw material and make it ready for feeding in the briquetting plant. This briquetting equipment can dry 1200 Kg., of granulated, powdery or ground moist raw material like saw dust and coir pith containing 35% moisture.

Crusher / Cutter - The crusher, also known as cutter helps in cutting the raw material and making it ready to feed in a briquetting machine. Usually a briquetting equipment can convert raw material below 25mm size. If the raw material is above 25mm in size, it is fed into a cutter to crush it and then can be fed into a briquetting press.

Hammer Mill - The raw material of size ranging from 0-100mm is grinded with the help of a hammer mill and then it is fed into a briquetting machine to convert into solid fuel. There are some raw materials which cannot be directly used in a briquetting plant and so they are grinded using hammer mill to make it ready for the briquetting process.