Vacuum Moulding Presses

Vacuum Compression Molding Press

Both the types of Vacuum Molding procedure have distinct application in the industrial production of bulk products. Vacuum Compression Moulding Press is provided with platens, press frame, moving bolster assembly, press ram and main cylinder.

Vacuum Compression Molding Press comprises of two sections, a Vacuum Molding Press and an automatic Mold Ejection System. Both the segments are connected with automatic mould handling arrangement, sequenced with press operation. The machine is automatically operated resulting considerable saving of time. As the process of molding is done in the vacuum, components are moulded with assured control parameters without any porosity. These moulding machines are the most convenient and fastest way for producing plastic casing with varying dimensions.

The Vacuum Compression Molding Press normally is 5-3,000 tons with platen dimensions 5" - 14 feet and closing speed of about 40 to 300 inches / minute. These presses come with touch screen panels for easy user interface.